Leadership Development

leadership development graphicDeveloping a pipeline of leaders at all levels is critical to creating an enduring organization. I have been developing and implementing processes and programs for more than 15 years while at Suffolk Construction, the Bank of New York Mellon and Capital One. While at Suffolk, our leadership development approach won three industry awards and at the Bank of New York Mellon our Leadership Development program was ranked a “Top 10” program by Leadership Excellence Magazine in 2012.

My practice focuses on three types of Leadership Development Programs.

High Potential Programs

Designing and implementing Leadership Programs to accelerate the development of an organization’s existing high potential talent including junior, mid-level and senior levels.

New Graduate Rotational Programs

Planning programs and processes that span sourcing, onboarding and developing an organization’s future leadership pipeline. These programs are designed to find the right talent based on the firm’s future capability goals and then having participants follow a systematic developmental and experiential process to address the organization’s talent requirements.

New Manager Programs

One of the most important career passages is becoming a people manager and learning the skills to effectively lead and manage employees. These programs are designed to align with the organization’s business goals and manager competency requirements.

Programs are customized to the organization’s business and capability goals with development practices that include:

  • Internal executive faculty
  • External expert faculty
  • 360 assessment
  • On-the-job learning
  • Mentoring
  • Coaching
  • Action learning projects focused on current business issues